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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Night flying behind the Zion Curtain

KSL took the time to warn local area residents that the 388th Fighter Wing flies at night here in Utah, and particularly during the winter, since it gets night time so early.

The reason this might be of interest is the mention in the story of the night vision goggle capability. The task I was hired here 7 years ago this week to do was make the internal and external lighting of the aircraft compatible with the night vision goggles. The AF was busy screwing the new lights, (internal and external) onto the aircraft at the rate of 30 jets per month. But the replacement, spare parts weren't available on the shelves for the maintainers to use to keep the jets flying.

My job was do the provisioning to make all those new parts available through the normal supply channels. Its been a challenge ever since!

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